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We derive our strength from the valuable experience our partners bring in, both locally and internationally. The success of our partnership is largely due to the transparency we maintain in the execution of the Projects, and mutual respect and trust we share with our partners. In all our Joint ventures, OSL handles the complete execution of the Projects with Joint Venture Companies outsourcing all the services to us.

Here are some of our major partners...


OSLís unbeatable record of high performance and undeterring commitment to excellence has attracted PSA Marine (Pte) Limited (PSAM), a renowned International Port O & M operator to form joint ventures with us. PSA Marine is a 100% subsidiary of the conglomerate PSA International, Singapore.

Sea Sparkle Harbour Services Limited

Sea Sparkle Harbour Services Limited is the first Joint Venture between OSL an PSAM formed way back in 2001, under which we are currently executing 1. the contract of harbour towage services by provision of Tugboat to Mormugao Port Trust, Goa, and 2. provision of Tugboat and execution of Pilotage services for STS operation at Gujarat Maritime Private Limited (Joint venture of Dempo & salgoankar Borthers).

Sealion Sparkle Maritime Services Limited

Sealion Sparkle Maritime Services Limited is a Joint Venture between OSL and PSAM, under which we have signed up a Twelve year contract for provision of services of the entire marine fleet to carry out operations at Ennore Port Limited in Tamilnadu, the first corporatized port in India.

Sealion Sparkle Port and Terminal Services (Dahej) Limited

Sealion Sparkle Port and Terminal Services (Dahej) Limited is another Joint Venture between OSL and PSAM, whcihc entails executing a Twelve year contract for provision of Comprehensive Port Operation & Management Services at the first LNG terminal in India at Dahej for M/s Petronet LNG Limited.


Khimji Ramdas (KR) Shipping Division is a group company of Khimji Ramdas LLC (KR), Omanís one of the largest business conglomerates. KR has the vast presence in all most all Omani Ports and many ports across the world. Extensive experience of this Company in Agency, Regulatory Aspects, Operational Procedures etc., in Oman positions it as a natural partner of Ocean Sparkle Limited in executing a long term contract awarded by Oman drydock Company at Port of Duqm in Oman. OSL regards KR as one of its natural partners and enjoys unflinching trust.


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