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With a formidable fleet of Cutter Suction Dredgers coupled with flotilla Split hopper barges, OSL is well positioned to cater to the capital and maintenance dredging requirements of Ports / facilities in India and Overseas Market.

These activities are supported by in-house fleet of tugs and elevator (dry well) hopper barges as well as towed split barges with remotely operated splitting operation. The dredging division at Ocean Sparkle can provide an end-to-end dredging package and can also cater for disposal of dredged materials to appropriately licenced areas on land or at sea.

Equipped with experienced and highly skilled Personnel, we have successfully executed numerous projects in India and Oman in various marine conditions and difficult terrains, Inland waters etc. Our company boasts a clientele of high repute and repeat contracts in the maintenance dredging segment.



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